Fly to Maui Airport the Best Way

Firsthand Advice to Help You Book Your Flight to Maui with Confidence

Is Flying to Maui Airport safe?

It might sound surprising, but I am often asked this question. Probably because Maui feels so far away... somewhere close to paradise!

Fortunately, even if Maui Hawaii is a remote island, it's part of the United States. Flying to Maui Airport from your local airport should be a pretty safe and comfortable trip. Nothing to worry about.

Maui Airport Sunset Leaving home with the sun... and a big smile
knowing Maui Hawaii is just a few hours away!

That said, I know by experience that booking your flight to Maui probably raises a lot of questions. This is ok. Planning a trip is not that easy.

I compiled a list of the most common questions I receive regarding Maui Hawaii and air travel. You can read my answers by following the specific link to a question that is relevant to you. I tried to make it as clearly as possible, guiding you with a series of tips and advice.

Take your time. Read carefully. Since buying your plane ticket is the starting point of your vacations, you want to do it right.

Booking Online for Cheap Airfares

If you already know your vacation dates, then good for you! That means you are ready to book your flight. My advice: use online booking agencies. See the benefits here.

You should also read this page to know how to save money using those online booking solutions.

If your dates are not decided yet, you might be interested in some advice regarding the best time to visit Maui (coming soon).

A Long Flight?

Some Airlines allow you to fly directly to Kahului Maui airport. This is very convenient, especially if your vacation is short. But these flights are mainly available to US and Canada West Coast cities.

Go to this page to know more about Flights to Maui duration.

If you decide to fly directly to Maui Airport, be prepared to spend extra money... Saving time has a price.

Enjoy your flight to Maui!

Make sure your flight to Maui is enjoyable and feel shorter by preparing some fun airplane activities before you get on the plane.

Airplane Carry On Items Rules and Regulations

Avoid bad surprises with Airplane Carry On items. Prepare your trip to Maui Hawaii with confidence, knowing how to pack liquids, gels, aerosols and more.

Flying through Honolulu International Airport

On their way to Maui, most travelers fly into Honolulu International Airport first. This might sound complicated, but this is not. The airport is fairly small and welcoming just like Hawaii but it holds all the services and facilities you might need. You won't get lost and you will most probably feel the Aloha spirit right away.

Worried that your luggage might get lost between Honolulu and Maui?

Read this page to make sure all your belongings follow you to your final destination. You don't want to spend one day at the beach without the brand new snorkeling gear you bought especially for you Hawaii vacation, don't you?

Why not enjoy Honolulu for a day or two?

The connection through Oahu can easily be felt as a holiday breaker. After all, you are tired and your dream destination is still a few miles away. Why not turn it to your advantage and visit the beautiful attractions of the Honolulu-Waikiki area?

Visiting the nearby attractions is made easy by a wide choice of means of transportation made available for you directly at the airport.

Honolulu airport shuttle to Kahului Maui

Once in Honolulu, catching your shuttle flight to Maui is easy.

To know more about the Honolulu airport shuttle system, read this page. I share some practical info on how to prepare your Interisland flight to save precious time and money.

Only 3 to 4 Airlines take care of Interisland flights. Hawaiian Airlines is the one I booked every time I jumped from an Hawaii island to another. No complaint.

Finally, you can get more information on the Kahului airport itself following this link.

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