Cheap Flights to Maui: Should I Book Online?

Booking Online Is the Way to Go!

When comes the time to prepare your dream vacation, finding cheap flights to Maui may look like an overwhelming task. It should not.

The fact is planning your dream vacation to Maui should be a relaxing experience. It should mark the beginning of your vacation, not the usual tiring race made of back and forwards between multiple travel agencies.

And you should be able to pay as low as possible on your flight tickets, so you can spend the money you just saved on real 'goodies' like renting a kayak for the day, getting an unforgettable massage by the sea, enjoying a tasteful meal at a fancy restaurant, etc.

When looking for the best price/freedom-of-choice/less-effort combination, online agencies like Expedia.com, OneTravel.com, CheapOair.com and Priceline.com are truly your best options.

The Benefits of Online Travel Agencies

Why should you consider booking online?

Simply because online travel agencies offer many new additional benefits that traditional agencies just can't match.

On top of better prices, you get access to more airlines, more seats (no kidding! see details below) and direct consumer feedback. Plus you save a lot of time and effort.

Ready to find cheap flights to Maui online?
Pick an agency

Expedia.com is the online travel agency I use every time I plan a new vacation in Maui Hawaii. It's a simple, well-established and secure solution. I highly recommend it.


You can book directly from the Expedia.com website or stay on this page and use the Expedia Online Booking Tool provided below. It's a very efficient way to look for cheap flights to Maui. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Other online travel agencies like OneTravel.com and

One Travel

CheapOair.com also deliver great prices on a large variety of vacation packages (flights + hotels + car rentals). Plus, they do propose convenient online booking tools as well (see below).


If your are looking for the absolute best rates, you might want to give Priceline.com a try. When the timing is good, this unique agency can make you save huge money. Chances are you will find the cheap flights to Maui you are looking for.

Airfare, Hotels, Rental Cars, Vacation Packages

Online Booking Tools: Try Them Now!




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Still Hesitant to Book Online?

Have a closer look at some of the advantages I mentioned above concerning online travel solutions.

Total freedom of choice

  • Booking online gives you total freedom to try any combination of dates and time of departure/return as well as flight duration, connections, airlines and more.
  • Traditional agencies usually represent only a fraction of the airlines. Therefore, travel agents must serve a lot of clients. You are not the only one looking for the deal of the day. They just don't have time to try all the combinations available for you and you miss those precious cheap flights to Maui.

Tons of Travelers Feedback

  • What's great about the web, is that everybody can share his opinion. In a couple of clicks you can find out what others have to say about an airline, an hotel, a car rental company and so on.
  • TripAdvisor.com, grants you instant access to comments from thousands of travelers around the world. You are sure to find helpful firsthand advice.
  • There is no way you can get this kind of been there, done that feedback from a single travel agent. Don't leave home without visiting TripAdvisor.com

More Seat Availability

  • Booking cheap flights to Maui using online tools allows you to find seats that appear non-available at your local travel agency. No kidding. This is true. Happened to me twice already. My former travel agent even confirmed this as a fact.
  • The reason is simple: major online travel agencies such as Expedia.com make deals with airlines and reserve a certain percentage of seats in popular flights. These seats can only be booked by online customers.

Save Time and Efforts

  • You will definitively save time and effort not having to go out and look for an agency, wait for your turn to talk to a travel agent, have a first look at the different propositions, come back home to think about it, get back to the agency, ask for more options, think more...
  • ...finally make a decision to find out that you need to go back home to get your passport and other missing papers. Then come back to officially book your flight... But, oops! It's too late. The last seats have been booked 30 minutes ago. You missed your deal... argh!
  • You don't need to go through this anymore. You can do it all from the comfort of you home, in a couple of clicks, with a good coffee and your credit card in hand.

Ready to find cheap flights to Maui and book online?

Let's try the Expedia.com, OneTravel.com, CheapOair.com or Priceline.com Online Booking Tool above and make a step towards YOUR Maui Hawaii dream vacation, or jump directly to one of the online agencies website by clicking directly on the links.

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