About Me and My Journey With www.maui-hawaii-dream-vacations.com

Life is an Adventure

Since I am a kid, I see life as an adventure. I just can't see it as a straight road without curves and crossroads. In my eyes, life is a stimulating series of challenges, surprises and unexpected encounters.

My main motivation to progress on this adventure is passion. Many passions I should say...

I truly believe that happiness is found in doing what you really love to do. I know... it's easier to say then to do. But it's a good starting point. Isn't it?

Maui Haleakala About Me Photo This is me, enjoying life at its fullest on top of Haleakala Volcano
just before sunset - Maui Hawaii

My First Passion: Learning

This might sound weird but I love to learn. I am curious to know how things work, how people think and why they act and react the way they do. I take a real pleasure in learning new things. Anything!

I was one of those 5 kids out of 100 who loved school! I ended-up with a College degree in Science, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Geography, two Masters (one in Geography and one in Regional Development) and a Ph.D. in Regional Development, Sustainable Development being my specialty.

I guess that makes me a kind of 'nerd'... ouch!

Let's say 'half-nerd' ok? I do have friends... a LOT of friends! :)

My Second Passion: Travel

My taste for travel isn't born yesterday. Even if I am from a quite small town called Alma (in beautiful Quebec, Canada), I had the chance to start discovering the world at a fairly young age.

I remember very well my first trip outside Quebec. It was a student exchange between our school and a school in Regina Saskatchewan. What an experience! Still inside Canada but so much to discover and to learn. Not to mention my first real contact with English.

The trip was followed by a week-end in New York a few months later. A high-school graduation project I will never forget.

I was hooked!

The world was calling me. That would explain my Geography degrees I guess...

At 19, I spent an entire year in Saskatchewan teaching French to young Canadian kids. You know it by now, French is my first language.

During this year, I visited all the Canadian Western provinces and over 30 states of the USA. I hit the road every single week-end driving hundreds of miles each time.

North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Oregon... I fell in love with the Midwest. A true photographer's paradise!

Maui About Me Tikal Discovering the lost pyramids of Tikal
on the Ruta Maya was an incredible experience

A few years later, I spent a year studying in Strasbourg, France. What a beautiful city... and country!

I had the opportunity to visit half a dozen European countries including beautiful Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands. Again, photo paradise!

Even if study time is now long gone, I kept the good habit to leave home and discover the world at least once a year. It's never long enough, but it almost keeps me smiling until the next trip.

I recently discovered great cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London. And some amazing countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Vietnam.

Maui About Me London I had the chance to visit the famous city of
London twice. I will visit it again. So much to see.
And the Big Ben is quite impressive

But I also discovered a couple of islands along the way. Some call them the islands of Hawaii, some simply call them 'paradise'.

I tend to agree with them. Visiting Hawaii, and especially Maui, was a revelation. I found myself in complete harmony with the place and the people. It might have something to do with the Aloha spirit...

I fell in love and I am still in love with this piece of volcanic rock lost in the middle of the Pacific.

My Third Passion: Photography

This passion is closely linked to my love for traveling.

I started taking photos during my very first trips. I saw so many wonders, I could not leave without catching these magic moments on photos. I would come back home, sharing travel stories and pictures with friends and family.

Maui About Me Vietnam Exploring Vietnam is a photographer's dream.
Like this Photo? Bring Maui Home - Order Prints or Greeting Cards

That habit never stopped. In fact, it got worse and worse!

I came back from my last trip to Maui and Oahu with over 7000 pictures and more than 9000 from Vietnam. (Hey! This place is far away... better take some souvenirs with me!).

This website displays some of my favorite pictures of Maui. I invite you to comment and share your own Maui pictures as well. And I would love to hear the stories behind. That's why I built this website in the first place.

And if you want to see more of my work, visit my galleries at one of those stock agencies: Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime or Veer.

And What About www.maui-hawaii-dream-vacations.com?

I guess by now you figured out how www.maui-hawaii-dream-vacations.com came to life...

The story is simple. This website is the perfect combination of my main passions. The logical next step on the adventure of my life.

www.maui-hawaii-dream-vacations.com is a project I should have started way before. But I kept putting it aside.

Too much stress at work. Not enough time. Don't know where to start... All those bad reasons that keep you away from your true passions.

And one day, I stumbled upon the Site Build It! website. I had never heard about it before but I was curious. I could not stop reading the testimonials from people just like me who said they had waited too long before following their passion.

Site Build It! Discover SBI!

The Site Build It! articles, videos and actual results were a true inspiration... and the kick in the butt I needed to get started!

I found a community of 'passionate people at work' like I had never seen before. I also found incredible tools and a step by step process to guide me in the right direction. I needed nothing more.

The Dream Has Become Reality...

So here you are, visiting www.maui-hawaii-dream-vacations.com.

This special project was once in my mind waiting to become a reality. Now it is real! Thanks to SBI. It's not done for sure. But it's well started and full of promises.

I have a blast creating new content and sharing stories, advice, pictures and vids with fellow travelers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I can't wait to hear YOUR travel stories.

My advice to you: if you are on the fence like I was, a passion and a project in head ready to become reality, don't hesitate a single moment!

Use SBI! tools and community support and jump in this new adventure with confidence. You won't regret it.

Denis :)

P.S.: I do have an additional secret passion but I keep 'her' to myself. She's my soul mate, my travel buddy. We explore the beauty of our planet side by side and share the surprises of life together. I am a lucky man to have her by my side.

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