Finding the Perfect Maui Hawaii Souvenir

A Little Help to Bring Maui Home... Even if you Already Left the Island!

My perfect Maui Hawaii souvenir is probably a little different than yours. That's totally fine. We are all different and that's what makes this world so interesting after all.

What really matters, is that you find a Maui souvenir to bring back home from your dream vacations that is truly meaningful to you.

In this section, I share ideas to help you find this perfect Maui Hawaii souvenir. I regrouped these ideas into two different lists:

1- Maui Hawaii Souvenirs to Look for on the Island

This first list propose a wide variety of typical souvenirs you may find on the island. Those Maui souvenirs are available in several spots, from the popular gift shops you can find almost everywhere, to the Lahaina fancy international art galleries, without forgetting the numerous local art and craft shops and galleries found in small towns like Paia, Makawaho, etc.

Popular souvenirs are incredibly diverse: macadamia nuts, aloha shirts, Koa wood sculptures, fun Maui Hawaii caps and mugs, posters and world-class paintings, hawaiian music… There is something for everybody's taste. See all suggestions and details here.

2- Maui Hawaii Souvenirs You Can Buy From Home

This second list is what I like to call your second chance. You are back home and still thinking about this gorgeous photo book you should have bought? You just remembered that you promised your nephew you would bring him a fun Maui Hawaii T-Shirt as a gift? And what about this cool Hawaiian music your heard playing at Cafe Mambo in Paia? What if you could bring this cool Maui vibe at home?

This list may save your life by showing you how to use the web to buy the souvenirs you should have bought while on Maui Not everything is available on the web, but there's a lot more than you could think. Click here to see the list and the links.

Pictures and Memories

What kind of souvenirs do I personally like to take back home from Maui? Two simple words: pictures and memories.

When I am on vacations, being in Maui or anywhere else in the world, I do my best to fully experience and enjoy every moment. My goal is to make them memorable.

Most of the time, this simply means to relax, to be available and live the moment. Good things happen then. And great memories take place in your mind for you to enjoy when back home. It's not easy do nowadays, with all this stress caused by crazy work schedule, but so much more important to achieve in this context.

Getting back home with a head full of great memories to share with family and friends is surely the best souvenirs of all. Second to that (and not far behind) are pictures. For me, pictures are the natural support for memories. They are vibrant testimonials of all of those great moments: pictures of incredible sunsets and beaches but also pictures of unique encounters and smiling faces. Those souvenirs are invaluable.

As you already know, I created this website to help Maui lovers transform their trip into a memorable dream vacation. I do it by sharing advice, links and ideas. But I also do it by sharing my passion for photography throughout this website, adding original pictures to almost every page. If you do enjoy quality pictures and think that they are the best Maui souvenirs you can get, you may want to have a look at my Maui Hawaii Posters Series.

Ok. Now it's time to go read my list of Maui Hawaii Souvenirs to look for while on the island as well as my list of Hawaii Maui souvenirs that you can buy from home. And don't hesitate to add suggestions using the Add a comment box located at the bottom of each page. Your fellow Maui travelers will appreciate.

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