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Some questions keep coming back while discussing Maui Hawaii vacations plan. This Maui FAQ has been created to answer those Maui Hawaii Frequently Asked Questions.

To keep it simple, I organized all the information into 4 lists of Maui Hawaii Facts. I called the first 2 lists, 'Maui Essential Facts' and the last 2, 'Maui Cool Facts'.

I guess you already figured out that the last 2 lists are made of facts that are more entertaining than practical. Choose the one you prefer or explore them all.

Ask Your Questions and Help Answer Your Fellow Travelers Queries

I keep adding new Maui Hawaii Facts to this section periodically. This means you should bookmark this page and come back on a regular basis.

But one thing is sure: I don't have all the answers and, when I do, I might be missing some interesting elements that are worth sharing.

That's where YOU, my fellow Maui Travelers, become very important!

Maui FAQ Haleakala Bird What is this bird?
See the answer below!
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Jump in, ask your question and help me answer queries posted by your fellow Maui travelers. And don't hesitate to add comments to questions already answered as well. This way the quality of the information will keep growing and everybody will benefit from it.

So, there you go! Scroll down to see if your question is already in the FAQ list or add you own question or comment using the short form below.

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Use this form to post YOUR Maui question or simply add an answer or comment to an already existing question.

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Read and Comment Maui Questions Already Posted

Click on the links below to see Maui FAQ already posted by other fellow travelers.

What Is the Hawaii's State Bird ? 
Hawaii's State Bird - The Famous Nene Goose Order Prints The official Hawaii's State bird is very unique for at least 3 reasons : 1. It's …

What is the Best Airline to Fly to Maui?  
Flying to Maui in Comfort Finding the best airline to fly to Maui Hawaii in comfort is a big concern for many travelers. Recently, Melinda, from …

Is Maui Haleakala Sunrise Worth It? 
Order Prints Maui Haleakala Sunrise is definitively a must-see. In fact, everything about Haleakala is breathtaking and totally worth it. …

Maui or Oahu? First Time in Hawaii 
Maui or Oahu? I get this question a lot. Here is a piece of advice I shared recently with a young couple asking for help. First, you just can't …

Should I Choose Florida or Hawaii? 
Florida or Hawaii? This is a simple and very popular question, but also a very hard one to answer. Why? Because It depends on so many parameters... …

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