Essential Maui Hawaii Facts - Part 1

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There are so many interesting Maui Hawaii Facts to write about that I could be sitting in front of my computer for hours. But I am not going to stick to my chair while the entire world awaits to be explored.

You wouldn't do this either... Would you?

Maui Hawaii Facts Old Man Keanae If this was my office, I would be
staring at the ocean all day
Ke'anae Peninsula - Road to Hana

That being said, I won't let you down. I know that you want to learn as much as you can about your next travel destination. I am just like you. When I prepare a dream vacation, I can't stop myself from browsing the Internet looking for interesting facts, stories, pictures and more.

So Much to Learn and So Little Time

But since there's so much to learn and not so many hours in a day, I decided to condense all this information in a list of facts producing an informative (yet non exhaustive) Maui Overview.

The following Maui Hawaii facts are written in bullet point form to keep them short and easy to read. This is only the first part. The Maui overview continues on the Essential Maui Hi Facts - Part 2 page.

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Maui Hawaii Facts - Part 1

Maui Geography and Geology
  • Maui's exact location is: 20°48'N 156°20'W.
  • Maui is approximately 48 miles (76.8 km) long and 26 miles (41.6 km) wide, for a total area of 727 square miles (1883.5 km2).
  • Maui is the second largest Hawaiian Island
  • Maui County also includes four smaller islands: Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Molokini.
  • Maui County has a total area of 2 398 square miles (6 212 km2), of which 48% is land and 52% is water.

Hawaii Facts -Maui County Map Hawaiian Islands Map of the Maui County in the Hawaiian Islands archipelago

  • Maui is divided into 5 regions: Central Maui, East Maui, South Maui, West Maui and Upcountry Maui.
  • Wailuku is the capital city, seat of Maui County.
  • Maui's highest point is Mt. Haleakala at 10 023 ft or 3 055 m.
  • Maui's Haleakala giant crater is 3 000 feet deep and 21 miles around.

Maui Demographics
  • Maui has a population of approximately 155 000 habitants (2010).
  • Maui's population has increased by 20.9% from 2000 to 2010.
  • 23% of Maui's population is less than 18 years old.
  • Maui is the third-most populous of the Hawaiian Islands (Oahu is first and Big Island second)
  • Maui's density is 162 habitants/square mile (62/km2).
  • Maui's racial makeup is 34.4% White persons, 28.8% Asian persons, 10.4% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 10.1% Hispanic or Latino origin, 0.6% Black persons, 0.4% American Indian and Alaska Native persons
  • 23.5% of the population reports two or more races.

Maui Spoken Languages
  • The vast majority of Maui's habitants speak English
  • Native people also speak Hawaiian

Maui Climate
  • Maui's winter average temperature is 71F/21.6C
  • Maui's summer average temperature is 78F/25.5C
  • Maui's ocean average temperature is 78F/25.5C
  • Maui's climatic conditions are very diverse. High mountains and deep valleys create microclimates.
  • Western side (leeward) of the island generally means drier climate while Eastern side (windward) means wetter climate.

Hawaii Facts - Maui Weather Map of Microclimates Map of Maui's Microclimates
Click for detailed Maui Weather Conditions

Maui's Official Insignia
  • Maui's official flower is the lokelani
  • Maui's official color is akala (pink)

Maui Hawaii Facts Lokelani Lokelani Flower - Maui's Insignia
Photo by Alan L.

The Maui Hawaii Facts you just read have been inspired by two main sources: Maui County and Wikipedia.

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