Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Maui Guidebook

Looking for the Perfect Maui Guidebook?

Look no further. The ultimate Maui guidebook does exist and it's called Maui Revealed.

Maui Revealed Ultimate Guidebook

I found this great travel guide by Andrew Doughty not so long ago when I was planning my first trip to Maui, Hawaii. You probably heard about it. The famous travel guide has sold millions of copies around the world.

Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook (that's its full name) is simply THE perfect guidebook. It's that simple.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but please, read on. This one is an exception.

My Very Best Move: Buying the Maui Revealed Guidebook

I had the chance to visit many countries in the world and that means I have used a LOT of guidebooks. My shelves are full of them. I just can't find the courage to throw them away, even if I know many are totally outdated. I feel emotionally bound to them...

Anyways... The fact is that I am very picky when it comes to buying a guidebook. I know what I am looking for and I am usually unsatisfied by most of my findings.

One travel guide may provide great information but no maps. Another is full of amazing pictures but no valuable information. And so on.

I usually end up buying 3 to 4 different book to make sure everything is covered.

When I started planning my first trip to the Hawaiian islands, I stumbled upon the Ultimate Guidebook Series (Oahu-Maui-Kauai-Big Island) by accident, while browsing the Internet.

The reviews were so positive, I couldn't believe it. I was curious but still in doubts. I already had bought two different Maui guidebooks, but I finally decided to give it a try.

I received the book a couple of days later. My first reaction was to say to my girlfriend: "what a weird blue cover!"… Then I started reading it and I quickly understood why millions of Maui lovers were fans of the 'Revealed' series.

A Very Special Guidebook

This is no ordinary Maui guidebook. Andrew Doughty as a unique way of presenting the Hawaiian islands. He is straightforward and I love his honesty. All of the content is presented without any advertisement or sponsorship. Only Andrew's opinion, good or bad, clear and simple, the way it should be.

You can really feel his passion for Maui. And this is true for all the Hawaiian islands. He hiked every single trail and experienced every activity mentioned in his guidebook. He also took the majority of the stunning pictures found in the 300+ pages.

The man knows what he is talking about and lead you to very unique spots only locals know about.. Those special spots have become a little more known now that the guidebook has been read by millions.

But don't worry. I have visited most of them using the Maui Revealed Guidebook, and the magic is still there. Most of those places are out of the main tourist path. You usually need a little extra walk. And this is enough to keep the crowds away.

Some suggestions found in the travel guide will bring you very close to traditional land while some other will allow you to discover unspoiled natural treasures. Please be respectful of traditions and nature. Maui is a generous island, sharing its beauty for us to enjoy, most of the time totally free. Let's make sure we keep this beauty intact for those who will come after us. I believe this is the least we can do.

Two Awesome Features

The Maui Revealed Guidebook provides a lot of features, but 2 of them are particularly useful. Those features alone are enough reasons for you to buy the book.

The first feature is what Andrew calls the 'Real Gems'.

This is a simple feature, but a very handy one. When Andrew says this place, this activity or this hotel is 'A Real Gem', he means that it's an absolute must-see. Don't miss it.

Tip - If you can't spend much time in a specific area of the island, simply look for the gem icon in the Maui Revealed guidebook pages and make sure to keep some time to, at least, visit this spot.

Maui Revealed A Real Gem The 'A Real Gem' icon is a very powerful feature
to help you focus quickly on the 'must-sees'
Image source: www.wizardpub.com

The second useful feature is the maps themselves. It may sound crazy, but the Maui Revealed maps are just incredibly well-thought. For the geographer in me, this is pure joy.

Andrew applies the old yet powerful less is better concept perfectly. He removed from the maps everything that is not useful to you, the traveler. Then he added everything you wish you would find on a traveling map.

Maui Revealed Maps The Maui Revealed maps are very well
thought, displaying only what's useful
to you as a traveler
Image source: www.wizardpub.com

If a bunch of streets in a residential area are not useful to the traveler, you won't find them on the map. But if a small trail leading to a pristine beach is crucial to find your way to the secluded spot, then it will appear very clearly on the map. The same will apply to a series of telephone posts, a unique mailbox, a weird tree or the very handy old miles markers along the road...

Anything that you would use to help a friend find his way to a specific destination, Andrew will use and show on the map. This is very smart and so helpful for us, travelers. You end up finding your way to the 'real gems' very easily. It just feels natural.

That's how I found myself looking for this very unique rock that would tell me it's time to turn right until I reach this little suspended bridge surrounded by a bunch of bamboo trees. You get the picture... I felt like a treasure hunter. And that felt good. Because what I found, following Andrew's advice, were actually some of the most amazing Maui's natural treasures. Real gems as he would say!

The Maui Revealed Guidebook: Worth it?

Trust me, it's totally worth it! I hope by now you get a better feel of what this special Maui guidebook is all about. Please, do yourself a favor, and buy a copy of this travel guide. You won't regret it. I guarantee you will be carrying the guidebook with you during your entire stay on the island. It's that useful.

Where can you buy the travel guide?

You can find Maui Revealed almost everywhere. The easiest way to get the guidebook is to click on the book cover below. This will take you directly to Amazon.com. The buying process is simple and secure. It takes a couple of clicks for the order to be confirmed and the book will be delivered to your door in a few days (depending on your location and the shipping package you choose).

Maui Revealed - Crystal Springs Software, LLC

Great news! Maui Revealed is now available as a mobile application on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Click on the AppStore icon to see more details and start your download.

In case you plan on visiting more than one Hawaiian island, I added links to the entire 'family' of Revealed guidebooks. These travel guides are all as good as Maui Revealed is. I own them all and I am glad I do. So don't hesitate to buy a copy of those titles as well to fully enjoy your trip to Oahu, Kauai or Big Island.

Want More Maui Guidebooks Suggestions?

If you are the kind of traveler who wants to know absolutely everything about Maui, a couple of additional travel guides can become good complements to the Maui Revealed Guidebook. See my Top 3 Maui Guidebooks or browse through my Maui Hawaii Guidebooks Complete List.

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Like this page? Add a comment and share!

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