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Find the Right Maui Travel Guide for Your Needs

Many Maui Hawaii Guidebooks are available on the market today. Some provide general information, others focus on a specific subject like hiking, snorkeling or restaurants reviews. Some cover Maui only, while some cover all the Hawaiian Islands.

This diversity is good news for us, travelers. We have more options and better prices. But it's easier to get lost among all the different products. Fortunately, today's technology allows us to review and order books from the comfort of our home.

To save you some time, I created a list of the most popular Maui Hawaii travel guides. I sorted them in different categories to ease your search even more.

Browse through the list below and pay attention to consumers' feedback. When you are ready, simply click on the image to order a copy of the selected guidebook. It's secure, fast and easy.

With all those available travel guides, you may not know where to start and what to choose. Let me give you some precious advice here. On this page, I share my Top 3 Maui Hawaii Guidebooks and the reasons why I recommend them.

The Complete Maui Hawaii Guidebooks List

Let's start with my Top 3 Maui Guidebooks. These travel guides are my very favorites. If you don't have time researching by yourself, trust me and pick one of these three travel guides, especially the Maui Revealed Guidebook. You won't regret it.

The followings are General Maui Guidebooks. They provide good overall information about Maui. Some also provide information about the surrounding islands of Molokai and Lanai. I use some of these travel guides from time to time but I don't know them deeply enough to write a full review. I suggest you take a few minutes to read consumers feedback before buying. Simply click on the 'yellow stars' to access reviews.

Here's a couple of Pocket-Size Maui Guidebooks. These small-size travel guides can be handy when you want to go extra-light. Keep in mind that the pocket-size guidebooks can't cover everything. Don't expect them to provide as much information as larger guidebooks. You've been warned!

Talking about small size guidebooks… Some Maui guidebooks like Maui Revealed and Frommer's Maui are now available in iBooks digital format for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Maui Revealed - Crystal Springs Software, LLC

Many more Maui guidebooks are also available on the AppStore. Click on the AppStore icon to see more. Note that Maui Revealed is also available in a new mobile application format running on iPad, iPoud Touch and iPhone.

Maui Hawaii Travel Maps can prove very handy. Here's a wide selection of Maui maps, some providing very accurate driving indications, others focusing on tourist attractions. Read the description carefully before buying. And remember that the maps provided in the Maui Revealed guidebook (see Top 3 above) are all you really need.

Here are some Hiking Maui Guidebooks. In my opinion, hiking is by far the best way to discover Maui's natural beauty. Some trails are very accessible but some trailheads are not that easy to find. If you are a 'trail-lover' like me, you will need a good guidebook focused on hikes. Browse the list below but keep in mind that the Maui Revealed guidebook and the Maui Trailblazer guidebook (both part of my Top 3) are probably the best hiking guidebooks you can find.

The following guidebooks not only cover Maui but all the Hawaiian Islands. Obviously, you won't find as much information as in the 'Maui-only' guidebooks. But if you plan on visiting multiple islands and you don't want to spend money on several travel guides, these Hawaii Guidebooks are a good compromise.

Do you plan to visit another Hawaiian Island? I strongly suggest that you start with a travel guide from the Revealed Guidebooks Series. I own the entire series and I have not been disappointed by any of theses guidebooks. Look at the consumers feedback and you will see I am not the only happy buyer.

Still don't Know What Maui Guidebook to Choose?

Let me help you pick the best Maui Hawaii travel guide.

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Like this page? Add a comment and share!

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