Cool Hawaii Maui Facts - Part 2

Some Fun Numbers to Discover this Unique Hawaiian Island

This is Part 2 of the Cool Hawaii Maui Facts Series. As I did on the Cool Maui Facts - Part 1, I gathered a bunch of facts about Maui that I find interesting and fun. Some are pretty obvious but others may surprise you.

Hawaii Maui Facts Boogie Board Boogie boarding is fun. This is a fact.
Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii.

Those Hawaii Maui Facts are here for you to enjoy. So have a look at them, learn a little more about this dream destination and have fun.

To make your reading even more enjoyable, the facts are presented through a list of numbers.

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Ready for Some Maui Facts?

What's This Number About?...


Half-man, half-god, that was the true nature of Maui, the demi-god somewhat involved in the creation of the famous Hawaiian island. The truth remains hidden, but the legends are numerous and captivating. One of them claims that Maui climbed the crater to the top of Haleakala (the house of the sun) where the sun itself was sleeping. With his lasso he captured the sun, forcing him to stop and promise to slow its course in order to provide more sunlight to the island each day. Good for us he succeeded!


Is the number of letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. The missionaries who taught reading and writing to the native people of Hawaii are the creators of this alphabet. Until their arrival, the island's history was transmitted orally. Good or bad... opinions differ. But one thing is sure, the alphabet is now part of the native culture. No visitor can explore Maui without noticing the very unique spelling of towns, landmarks, beaches and so on. It is part of Maui's charm.


This is the year of the first sighting of Maui by an European. On November 26, 1778, explorer Captain James Cook saw the island from his boat but did not stop.


Is the year when Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state, thus officially including Maui in the United States.

20 000

Is the number of people living in Kahului, the largest town on Maui. With it's international airport, Kahului is also Maui's main port of entry.


Is the age of the famous giant banyan tree in Lahaina. The tree was planted in April 1873 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Christian missionary work in Lahaina. The banyan tree was only 8 feet tall when imported from India but now stands over 60 feet high and extends over 200 feet wide. In addition to a giant central trunk, the tree has 12 additional trunks, producing shades over 2/3 of an acre. Standing proud in the center of Lahaina's Courthouse Square, you just can't miss it.

Hawaii Maui Facts Lahaian Banyan Tree The 138 years old giant banyan tree
is one of Lahaina's main attraction. Maui, Hawaii.


is the length (in miles) of the breathtaking Road to Hana, one of Hawaii Maui's main attraction.


This is the number of one-lane bridges you will have to cross if you drive the entire Road to Hana (which you should do!).


Hawaii Maui Facts Road to Hana The scenic Road to Hana
Maui, Hawaii

This is the number of crazy curves you will encounter while driving the Road to Hana, one of the world's most scenic drive. This is no speedway.


Is the year of the foundation of the one and only commercial winery on Maui. The Tedeschi Winery is situated on the Ulupalakua Ranch, in charming Maui's upcountry. Emil Tedeschi, the founder, came from a family of winegrowers (Calistoga) in Napa Valley.


This is the weight (in tons) of the fascinating humpback whale, a well-known visitor of Maui's Auau channel waters. Migrating humpbacks can be seen off the island's coast from December to April, making Maui one of the best Hawaiian Island for whale-watching (and even one of the best spot in the world). Each whale can eat up to 1 and 1/2 tons (1,361 kg) of food in a single day. The humpback whales also come to Maui for breeding before returning to Alaska.


The first sugar plantation in Hawaii was established in Maui in 1849. Maui was also the first Hawaiian island to propose a luxury resort to its visitors (Hotel Hana-Maui founded in 1946). The first capital of Hawaii was Lahaina and the small town was also the first destination of the whaling industry in the early 1800s.

100 000

Is the number of soldiers that were based in Haiku in 1943-44. Maui was involved in the World War II, acting as a training base and a resting spot for the 4th Marine Division.


Is the number of minutes you will spend in the air on your way to Maui from Honolulu. Interisland flights are quick and easy, giving you the opportunity to see the beauty of the Hawaiian islands from above.

The Hawaii Maui Facts you just read have been inspired by two main sources: Maui County and Wikipedia.

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