Honolulu Airport Shuttle

Connecting to Maui

Flying from Oahu to another Hawaiian Island using Honolulu Airport Shuttle is simple. Fortunately, connecting to Maui is no exception.

First of all, you need to book your inter island flight.

If you don't have your tickets already, go to this page to get tips on how to save money on cheap flights tickets to Maui Hawaii.

When your Honolulu airport shuttle flight is booked, print the flight number and airline name. This will be helpful to find your way to the right terminal once at the Honolulu International Airport.

There are very good chances you will fly with Hawaiian Airlines. This is the main carrier offering Honolulu Airport Shuttle to other Hawaiian islands like Maui. If it's the case, then you will depart from the Interisland Terminal Building.

See Terminal maps here for more details.

If you are flying with another airline like Go!, Island Air, Pacific Wings or Mokulele, you will have to reach Commuter Terminal Building instead. This Terminal is a few minutes away from Interisland Terminal Building.

Mokulele Airlines and Go! Joint Venture

In October, 2009, Mokulele and Go! announced a joint venture to combine forces. The combination of Go! and Mokulele created the second largest inter-island carrier in Hawaii (Hawaiian Airlines being the largest).

This change should not affect you directly. But it can be confusing when you are used to fly with one of these two airlines without being aware of the joint venture.

How Do I Get to the Terminals?

Don't worry. You should not get lost in Honolulu Airport. The airport is not that big and there are only 3 terminal buildings. Here are 2 easy ways to reach the terminals

Option 1 - Use the Intra-Airport Transportation System

The first way to reach either the Commuter or the Inter island Terminal is via the Intra-Airport Transportation System. It's free and convenient. Follow bus signs and wait for a Wiki Wiki Shuttle, passing by every 5 minutes or so.

If you need assistance, simply ask for help at the Visitor Information booths found in the Main Overseas Terminal.

Option 2 - Use Your Feet!

The second way to reach the Terminals is even simpler: just walk there! It's an easy 10 minutes walk following 'Interisland flights' signs.

If you are carrying heavy luggage, it might not be the best solution.

If all you carry is your carry-on luggage, then I highly recommend this short walk.

Why? Simply because it will make you feel good!

Don't forget that you will come from at least a 6-hour flight (and a lot more if your are coming form East-coast or Europe), seating in a not so comfortable position. Your legs will feel heavy... and your back might hurt.

What could be better than a little exercise under the warm and welcoming sun of Hawaii?

You get a free and instant burst of energy! Talk about a welcome gift! You are now ready to fully enjoy the last part of your 'air travel' journey.

How Long Is the Honolulu Airport Shuttle Flight to Maui?

Too short! Yes, I am not kidding! Flight time from Honolulu International Airport to Maui Kahului Airport is a quick 35 minutes. Just enough time to take off and... land!

Seriously, even if you are tired of flying from the continent, you will enjoy the connecting flight for one good raison: the outstanding view you get from the window. You first see the Honolulu skyscrapers, the splendid Waikiki beaches and the incredible Diamond Head caldera. The view from the air is breathtaking.

Then all you see is water, deep blue water, in every direction. Until your eyes notice the beautiful Maui island, crowned by a cluster of white clouds surrounding the heart of the majestic Halealala Volcano. What a scenery!

Time to land! Did I say it was too short?

Get the best seat in the house! Make sure to book a seat on the left, close to the window. And enjoy the view. Paradise is minutes away!

How Much is the Flight?

Honolulu airport shuttle flights to Kahului Maui depart almost every hours daily. They are usually pretty cheap. You should be able to find a one-way ticket for around 70$.

Prices vary a lot depending of the demand and time of day. Check carefully all the offers to get the best rates available. Here are some online booking services to find cheap flights to Maui.

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