Hawaii Maui Souvenirs You Can Buy From Home

Forgot to Buy Souvenirs and Gifts During Your Maui Hawaii Vacations?

Don't worry, your are not the only one forgetting to buy Maui souvenirs while on the island. I do it all the time. The truth is I don't like to spend my time shopping for souvenirs during vacations. But that doesn't stop me from having some great Maui Hawaii souvenirs at home. How can this be possible?

It's simple. Back home, I use the web to find what I want and have it delivered to my doorstep. Nowadays, Maui Hawaii local artisans (crafters, painters, musicians, photographers, writers, etc.) are almost all active on the web and easy to find. You can even find complete online shops dedicated to sharing Maui Hawaii crafts to the world.

I do agree with you: there is nothing like having a direct contact with the artist himself. But let's be honest. Most of the time, while on a trip, I just can't figure out what souvenirs I want to buy and I end up saying goodbye to the friendly craftsman without buying anything. I am pretty sure you too experienced the 'I-wish-I-bought-this-awesome-piece-of-art-while-I-was-there' feeling at least once in your traveler's life. Having a second chance to buy a souvenir back home is a real blessing.

Enough talking. Now, let's share some ideas to help you find great Hawaii Maui souvenirs, off the island. To see on the island suggestions, visit the Finding the Perfect Maui Hawaii Souvenir page

Click on the links to see more details.

  1. Hawaiian Music
  2. Maui Photography Coffee Table Books and Cookbooks
  3. Maui Paintings, Posters and Greeting Cards
  4. Maui T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, etc.
  5. Aloha Wear
  6. Maui Jewelry
  7. Koa Wood Bowls, Ukuleles and Other Handmade Treasures
  8. Maui Coffee
  9. Maui Macadamia Nuts

Your Second Chance: Suggestions to Find Maui Souvenirs from Home

1- Hawaiian Music Online

From Amazon

You can easily find Hawaiian music CDs on Amazon. Here are some of the best sellers to get you started. Click on any album to see more details and order it. This is only a fraction of all the amazing Hawaiian music available online.

Once on Amazon, search for more Hawaii CDs using keywords like Hawaii music, Maui music, Hawaiian music, etc. You can also access the Hawaiian Music CD's - Best Sellers page here.

Note that you can also download digital versions of the majority of the albums available on Amazon. Look for the Download MP3 Album link.

From iTunes

Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

If you are all digital, using iTunes will bring Hawaiian music in your house within a minute. Click on the featured album below to start listening then click on the View in iTunes button to expand your search using the search field. There are thousands of Hawaiian albums waiting for you.

From Barnes and Noble

BarnesandNoble.com Logo - 120x60

Another good option to take the Hawaiian vibe home is to order from Barnes and Noble. Yes, they do sell music! Click on the logo. Once on the site, do a quick search using keywords like Hawaiian music or Hawaii music, than simply sort the results by Best selling or title. It's that easy!

2- Maui Photography Coffee Table Books and Cookbooks

A great book full of amazing images of beautiful Maui is probably one the best Maui souvenirs you can get. Fortunately, many incredible Maui Hawaii photo books can be bought online. Here are some of my favorites. Pick the one you prefer and order it. The book will be shipped to your door in a matter of days. I usually order from trusted online shops like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

From Amazon

From Barnes and Noble

Maui Souvenirs Barnes and Noble Maui Photobooks

Barnes and Noble have a wide selection of quality books displaying Maui's beauty. Simply click on the logo. Once on the site, do a quick search using keywords like Maui Photography or Hawaii Photography, than simply sort the results by Best selling or title.

What about taking home a good Maui CookBook full of local recipes? Cooking Hawaiian Style is a great way of keeping the spirit of the islands well alive in your home. See my Hawaii Maui Cookbook Suggestions Here.

3- Paintings, Posters and Greeting Cards

From Fine Art America

Maui Souvenirs Maui Hawaii Surf Poster

To find a beautiful painting or a great Maui photography to hang on your wall, a site like Fine Art America is a great place to start. Have a look at my Maui Hawaii Posters Series and explore the entire site using the search tool (top right). I am pretty sure you will find a fine art photo or painting that you like. You can get it framed or on canvas or you can even buy greeting cards.

From Zazzle or CafePress

Zazzle and CafePress both propose some interesting Maui Posters. Quality and quantity may not always be on par with Fine Art America, but it's worth doing a quick search. Simply click here to explore Zazzle and here to explore CafePress. That being said, both sites do propose tons of other Maui souvenirs. See below for more details.

*When buying with Zazzle, use this special code: DECKYOURWALL and get 50% Off Canvas, Photography & Posters

4- Maui T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Stickers, Calendars, Tank Tops, Magnets and a lot more!

If what you are looking for fun Maui souvenirs or gifts, you should be doing some shopping on Zazzle shop and CafePress. Theses sites offer countless Maui items to choose from and the prices are quite low. Not everything is art over there, but you most probably will find a gift or souvenir that you like.

From Zazzle

Maui Souvenirs Zazzle Logo

To get on the Zazzle shop simply click on the logo or this Zazzle link. Thousands of objects will appear on your screen: t-shirts, top tanks, mugs, bumper stickers, calendars, magnets, etc. All you need to do is choose your favorite.

From CafePress

Maui Souvenirs CafePress Logo

To find Maui souvenirs and gifts using CafePress is as simple. Just click on this link or the CafePress logo and start shopping.

5- Aloha Wear

Maui Souvenirs Zazzle Logo

Looking for the ultimate Hawaiian souvenir? Get a famous Aloha shirt.

Have a look at Sig Zane's modern designs. Ladies might want to check Tamara Catz creations as well. You can order directly from those two websites.

6- Maui Jewelry

Maui Souvenirs Hawaii Heirloom

Looking for a souvenir that last a lifetime? Maui Jewelry is your choice. Exquisite diamonds, rare gems, pearls and the rare and precious black coral.

To shop for Hawaiian jewelry, and specially for Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry (custom hand-engraved), visit wholesales like HawaiiCity and Maui Divers or Sophie Grace a smaller but very nice shop.

7- Koa Wood Bowls, Ukuleles and Other Handmade Hawaiian Treasures

Maui Souvenirs Ukulele

Representing over 300 local fine artists, artisans, jewelers, woodworkers, glassblowers, potters and sculptors, Maui Hands is a very good starting point to find amazing Hawaiian handmade treasures. There are very unique Maui souvenirs. Shop on Maui Hands and call to order at 1.800.352.4ART

Maui Souvenirs Ukulele

For Koa wood furniture, have a look at Robert Lippoth amazing work.

If you are into music, find more about ukuleles and hula instruments at Bounty Music.

Of course, there are dozens of other Maui artists and craftspeople on the web. Do a quick search on Google to find more websites. You can also check these shopping directories on Frommers and Lonely Planet.

8- Maui Coffee

Maui Souvenirs Maui Coffee

Coffee lover? Maui's got great coffee. Try the famous Kona Coffee and the rare Maui Mokka coffee as well. Order online from Coffees of Hawaii.

9- Maui Macadamia Nuts

Maui Souvenirs Macadamia Nuts

Nobody can resist Maui's Macadamia Nuts. Fortunately, they are easy to find online. Get them from ABC Stores, Hilo Hattie or even from Amazon!.

Read the Maui Hawaii Souvenirs Complete List to find additional Maui souvenirs ideas.

Hawaii Souvenirs Facebook

Looking for even more Maui souvenirs suggestions? Ask the 2000+ members of the Maui Hawaii Dream Vacations Facebook community to share some ideas or use the Add a comment Box below to do it without leaving this site.

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