Hawaii Maui CookBooks and Recipes

Cook Your Own Food: Savings and Family Fun Guaranteed!

Talking about Maui cookbooks and recipes on a travel site may not make sense to you at first, but I assure you it does. In fact, it's a natural match. Let me explain.

Not long ago, I shared some links to help you find the best Maui restaurants in another article available on this site. Eating out in a good Maui restaurant is surely a great experience. But in my opinion, it's only half the pleasure. The easiest way to eat well and taste the real Hawaii during your vacation is to cook your own food.

I know, I know… some of you will say: Who wants to get busy in the kitchen while on vacations?. I totally understand that it may sound like work at first. But cooking can be turned into a great family activity and even create some of the most memorable moments of your vacations. Cooking in Maui is all about exploring and embracing the Hawaiian way of life. It can, and should be, part of your trip. Try it, you won't regret it.

Those of you who have already rented a vacation house or villa are almost ready to start. The famous BBQ is waiting for you on the lanai (patio). All you need is great fresh food to cook Hawaiian Style.

Head to the grocery, grab some awesome local grown fruits and vegetables: pineapple, papaya, guava, mango, avocado, asparagus, potatoes, etc. Ask for local fishes: ahi, aku, albacore (tuna), marlins, uku, taape (snappers) and a lot more. Start the BBQ and your grilled fish feast is on its way!

Don't hesitate to taste Hawaii's seafood's diversity: squid and octopus, shellfishes, black crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimps. Get a good glass of wine (maybe from the one and only Maui's Winery) or a cold beer from the Maui Brewing Co. (why not!), enjoy the sunset with friends and family and let your senses do the rest. THAT is vacation!

Local Healthy Organic Food

If eating local, healthy, organic food is your thing, here are two awesome groceries you need to visit:

Maui Restaurants Mana Foods

My favorite: Mana Foods. Great atmosphere. Hundreds of local products. A must-see. Located in Paia, on Baldwin Street. You can't miss it. Or just ask. Everybody knows the place.

Maui Restaurants Down to Earth

Down to Earth. A good back-up in Kahului (305 Dairy Rd). Bigger, more commercial, but a lot of good organic stuff.

Looking for a very unique Maui food adventure? Try Bonnie Friedman's unique Tour da Food Maui. Bonnie will lead you on a very special tour, off the tourist-path, making you taste true ‘local’ food and explore the rich culinary background of the Hawaiian islands. Two different tours offered: Wailuku and Upcountry. Book in advance to take full advantage of Bonnie's advice during your vacations.

Hawaii Maui Cookbooks and Recipes

If you need some help cooking Hawaiian style, why not bring a good Hawaii Cookbook in your luggage.

Here are some of Hawaii Maui Cookbooks' best sellers. Order one before you go. It's going to be very useful during your vacations and it will become a great Hawaiian souvenir when you're back home.

If you can access the web during your vacations, you may find those sites useful. They provide dozen of awesome Hawaiian Recipes for you to try.

Before you try it, you can't imagine how much fun it is to cook and eat in couple or with the whole family while on vacation. Discovering local fruits, vegetables, fishes, etc. is just another great way of tasting and enjoying the unique flavors of the place your are visiting. On top of that, you save a whole lot of money, which is always a good thing. Get a couple of good Maui cookbooks and enjoy your meal!

Have you already decided where to stay in Maui? If your choice is not made yet, visit the Maui vacation rentals page for advice, useful links and discounts.

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