Airplane Activities: How Can My Flight to Maui Hawaii Feel Shorter?

Make Your Time On The Plane Enjoyable

If you are like me, preparing airplane activities is rarely on top of your vacation planning 'to-do' list.

In fact, most people don't even think about airplane activities before leaving home. After all, besides watching movies, what can we do, caught in a giant flying can?

This is a normal reaction. But this is a mistake.

Without preparation, we end-up having nothing interesting to do. The flight turns out to be boring and long... very boring and... very long... And if you brought kids with you, it can become even worst!

We Should Prepare Flights Activities the Same Way We Prepare Our Vacations

The reason why we don't plan airplane activities is because we think of air travel in terms of what we can't do. We see it as a complete waste of time. I can't do this, I can't do that... I am stuck in the air!

Believe me, I know this feeling. I LOVE to travel, but I am not a fan of 'long plane rides'. My first reaction is to anticipate flights in a negative way.

No one can deny that freedom of movements is rather reduced on an airplane. If your are hoping for action, going to the toilet is probably your best bet!

But air travel offers at least one benefit that is very valuable. One special advantage that is missing to almost everyone these days: free time.

Enjoy This Free Time!

Think about it for a moment.

You work hard all week. When you're not at work, you take care of your kids, your house, etc. Free time is so rare you can't remember how it feels like to relax and do something just for you...

This is your lucky day!

You are stuck on a plane for hours but what you get in return is actually an opportunity to do something you like. Let's see it as an opportunity!

Call me an optimist, but when you start thinking that way, long flights stop to be seen as obstacles. They become free time providers!

A simple plan to enjoy your flight to Hawaii
  1. Choose some fun airplane activities
  2. Pack your bag accordingly
  3. Book your plane tickets to Maui Hawaii
  4. Enjoy your free time!

Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Pack the Right Stuff and Enjoy Your Favorite Airplane Activities

Do you like movies?

  • Watching a movie is a great way to enjoy yourself on a plane.
  • Bring a portable DVD player or download movies directly to your iPod/iPhone or IPad before leaving home.
  • If you don't own a portable movie player, don't worry. Most Airlines now propose personal entertainment systems allowing you to watch movies, TV shows and more.

Do you like to read?

  • Bring books!
  • This is a must on any Maui Hawaii vacation... and my favorite time-killing activity.
  • Everybody has this book they said they would read when they are done with their work... This is your chance!
  • Even better. Bring an eBook reader (Kindle, IPad or else) packed with your favorite novels. These eBook readers are amazing. Its like carrying a whole library with you without the weight and space problems.
  • Browse those electronic libraries, download your favorite books and you are ready to go!

Do you have a laptop?

  • Laptops are very handy travel tools. Especially since they became so thin and light. You can use them to listen to your favorite music or watch movies (don't forget to bring headphones and to charge the batteries). Or you can use them to play all kind of games.
  • When playing games that you like, time goes by without noticing. Try it. It can be a simple game like Tetris, Sudoku or crosswords. It doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it.
  • Take a few minutes to install some games on your laptop before leaving.
  • No laptop ?
  • You can use your iPod/iPhone/iPad as well or borrow your kids' Nintendo DS or Sony PSP System. If you don't know what I am talking about, just ask them... Your kids will be soooo happy that you show interest in their games.
  • If you don't own any of these little entertainment systems, you might be interested in getting one.

Maybe you love photography?

  • Use your laptop to do some clean-up in your photo library.
  • I love photography but I am always too busy doing something else. When I am not reading, listening to music or playing some games, I take advantage of these long plane rides to Hawaii to give some love to my photo collection. :)

Are you traveling in couple, with a friend or a family member?

  • There is nothing like a little chat to make time goes by quickly. Have a coffee or a drink and start a discussion. Or even better: bring playing cards or mind puzzle games and play together.
  • You are traveling alone?
  • The person seating next to you probably is too.
  • Strike up a conversation. Random encounters are often the most interesting ones. Chances are you'll discover that you share common interests. The chat will become an enthusiastic discussion.

These are only a few airplane activities you can do. There are countless possibilities. Simply think of the things you like to do when you get a moment for yourself at home. Ideas will quickly come to your mind.

When preparing your trip to Hawaii, make sure you are only packing items that are allowed in your carry on bag. Check the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines here.

It's time to book your plane to Hawaii now!

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