Maui Tsunami News and Warnings

Are Tsunamis a Real Threat on Maui Hawaii?

The good news is no major Maui Tsunami (maximum water height of more than 10 meters), has been recorded in the last decades.

Maui Tsunami Huge Wave A huge tsunami-like wave breaking on
Maui Hawaii Beautiful North Shore.
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That should make Maui a pretty safe place, but...

The bad news is tsunamis don't care that much about statistics. They can strike at any moment of the year, night and day.

The past gives no guarantee for the future...


Simply because Tsunamis (soo-NAH-mee) are a series of traveling ocean waves, of extremely long length, generated by earthquakes occurring below or near the ocean floor.

And those earthquakes, guess what... they don't care about statistics either! They happen when they happen.

You Should Not Worry

It all comes down to a question of pure luck... or bad luck should I say.

You could probably travel 10 000 times to the beautiful Maui without being in danger or travel once and happen to be there at a bad moment.

But my guess is Los Angeles is a much more dangerous place to live (for many reasons...including major earthquakes probability).

So, what should you do?

The answer is very simple:

Prepare your Maui Hawaii Dream Vacations without worrying about an highly improbable tsunami warning. And if your plane ticket is not already booked, follow this link to book it without waiting.

Maui Latest Tsunami Alerts

That said, if you are interested in knowing more about tsunamis (like I am, being a geographer) you can visit the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center website.

You will find a lot of information regarding tsunami prevention: flood zone maps, evacuation plans, tsunami warnings updates, etc.

Being aware is the best thing (if not the only thing) anyone could do against tsunamis.

Just to be sure everything is fine, have a look at this feed below. Its updated dynamically and shows you the latest tsunami information coming directly from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

If a tsunami warning is issued, you will see it here. Bookmark this page in your favorite's and come back periodically to stay informed.


Maui Tsunami News, Stories and Comments

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