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Sunset Paradise

Every Maui traveler comes back home with his own favorite Maui Sunset Picture. It's a classic.


Because once you've witnessed the beauty of these Maui sunsets, it becomes nearly impossible to resist the need to take dozens (if not hundreds) of photos.

You start thinking it might be the last time you see something like this and you have no choice: you need to catch the moment!

The good news is Maui sunsets happen every day, between 6 pm and 7 pm. They are completely free, thanks to mother nature! And they touch your heart and soul every single time.

They are like a miracle cure... Instant relaxation. Instant peace.

No wonder why so many people in the world wish they could see at least one in their lifetime.

My Favorite Maui Sunset Pictures

Seeing a picture, a slideshow or a video is not like being there. But it is still a great reminder of Maui's natural beauty.

Here is my favorite Maui Sunset Picture along with a couple more I like. And if you prefer to watch a video, scroll down a bit and have a look at a short Maui Sunset Slideshow I created.


Go ahead and share YOUR favorite Maui Sunset Picture or Slideshow/Video. And tell us when and where you caught this magic moment.

My First Pick: Makena Maui Sunset

I love this one for a simple reason. Its authenticity.

Everything felt just right. We had a perfect day, hiking some great trails. We came at the beach to rest before dinner.

We were almost alone. A young girl was playing in the shallow water, her mother quietly looking at her, enjoying the sunset (I guess as much as we were). A true vision of paradise.

Maui Sunset Picture of a Young Girl Running on Beach A young girl is playing on the beach as the sun
sets on Makena, Maui Hawaii.
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Maui Sunset with Stunning Clouds

Nothing beats a sunset with a cloudy sky.

I happened to be relaxing on the Spreckelsville beach when a series of clouds started forming along the coastline.

The pattern was beautiful and the warm light of the sun, caressing the base of the clouds, made the scene unforgettable. I had to take some pictures.

Maui Sunset Picture with Beautiful Clouds Beautiful clouds painted by the yellow teint of the sunset light
Spreckelsville Beach, Maui.
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Maui Sunset on the Majestic West Mountains

We often talk about Haleakala Volcano. This is a true wonder. But Maui West Mountains, crowned by the Pu'u Kukui Summit raising at 5,788 feet, also offer breathtaking views.

I took this picture from the Kula Road, on our way back to Makawaho, after a long drive around the volcano.

How peaceful is that?

Maui Sunset Picture West Mountains A scenic view of the amazing Maui West Mountains by sunset.
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Maui Sunsets Slideshow

Pictures are awesome. No doubt about it. But sometimes, a short video/slideshow can complement the experience in a great way.

I created this video to showcase some more Maui sunsets I like. Check it out and turn the volume on (I added some music as well).

Don't hesitate to share the video if you like it. And make sure to post your own sunset pictures and videos below. Can't wait to see them!

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Share YOUR Favorite Maui Sunset Picture or Video/Slideshow

Capturing a magic moment on photo or video is wonderful. Sharing this magic moment with others is even better.

Share your favorite Maui Sunset Picture here or, even better, submit a Slideshow or Video. Simply grab the embed code and paste it. And don't forget to tell us why this moment is a special one for you.

Enter the Title of Your Favorite Maui Sunset Picture or Video
(ex.: "My Favorite Maui Sunset at the Beach")

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