Maui Jobs and Business News

Working or Doing Business in Paradise: Why Not?

Why talking about Maui Jobs and Business News on a travel site?

It's a good question. But once again, my answer is very simple.

Many travelers, including myself, fell in love with Maui when they had the chance to stay on the island for a while.

Unfortunately, most of them (including me...) had to pack their bags and go back home, sooner or later, leaving the paradise far behind.

Discussing with fellow Maui travelers, I found out that many of them had a secret dream. They kept thinking of a way to come back to the island, this time for a longer stay.

Dreaming of staying on the island for good? Have a look at those fine island properties and get help finding the right one for your needs.

Sharing Jobs and Business Ideas

To achieve this dream people are usually looking for a job (at least part-time) or a business opportunity to invest in. There are not that many places to find information and people to discuss with.

I thought it would be useful to set-up a page displaying the latest Maui Hawaii jobs and business opportunities. But I thought it would be a lot better if Maui lovers could post their own job or business opportunities or ideas. Discussions could take place and partnerships could form.

Who knows?

A new business idea could emerge just here on Maui Hawaii Dream Vacations. That would be awesome!

So, here they are, the latest Maui Hawaii Jobs and Business News. Read on, comment and discuss.

If you are looking for a daily feed or the latest Maui Hawaii Job Offers, visit Maui Hawaii Jobs Listing.

Don't hesitate to post your own job opportunity or business idea here.


Share YOUR Maui Job or Business Opportunity and Idea

Looking for a job, a financial partner to start a new business idea in Maui, or simply in need of new employees?

Share YOUR opportunities and ideas here.

Enter the Title of Your Maui Job or Business Opportunity or Idea
(ex.: "Maui Restaurant - Looking For a Financial Partner")

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