Maui Cheap Car Rental

Less Expensive Than You Could Think

Some travelers may think that spending money on a Maui cheap car rental is not a top priority or just another extra cost they can't afford.

It can be true, if you are on a very short all-inclusive-hotel type of vacations and all you want is lay on the beach. Otherwise, I tend to believe that it's a misconception.

Maui Car Rental Kula Road 2 Driving on Maui's beautiful roads is a true 'luxury'
at a very affordable price. No one should visit the island without having
the chance to experience it at least for a day.
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It might surprise you, but when you consider the total cost of your trip to Maui, renting a car is far from being the most expensive item. In fact, deciding to rent a car could even become your best 'money saver' decision.


Let me show you how.

Already convinced that you need a car? Find how to get a Maui Cheap Car Rentals here or get more specific answers to your Maui Car Rental questions here.

Learn How to Find Maui Cheap Car Rental

First, you need to make sure you get the best rates available. Knowing how to take advantage of the whole car rental market is your first step.

Read this page to get valuable tips and advice on how to find Maui cheap car rental rates using online travel agencies.

Save on Taxis, Shuttle and Tours

Then, you need to consider the money you are actually saving by using a car.

Taxis or Shuttles will be needed to get you and your luggage from the airport to your hotel or rental (some hotels may provide free shuttle but most house rentals will not).

If you want to discover the beauties of the island without a car, you will need to pay for different Maui Tours. Some are cheap and add great value to your visit. But most are costly and you will quickly spend more than a week of car rental, especially if you are traveling in family.

Remember that almost everything that is worth discovering on Maui is free: beaches, waterfalls, trails, snorkel spots, scenic views, small towns, art galleries, surfers in action, sunsets and more. Even a 3-day family pass to Haleakala National Park is a mere 10$!

Maui Car Rental Haleakala 5 Driving all the way up to the summit of the stunning Haleakala Volcano
is an unforgettable adventure you don't want to miss!
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All that to say you should not have to spend all your money on Tours. Pick one very special activity you just can't do without special equipment or supervision and keep your money to rent a car. This will be your best investment to explore all those Maui's natural free gifts at will with your Maui cheap car rental.

But that's not all...

Save Big Money on Restaurants

Unless you eat hot dogs all day, restaurant fees will be one of the biggest item on your vacation's budget. It's even worst when you are traveling with kids.

A family of four in vacations for two weeks will easily spend over 2 000$ in restaurants. And I am very conservative here considering Hawaii's standards. A Maui cheap car rental, full-size category, can be found for less than 500$ for the same period.

I know, it's hard to believe. But when you take time to look at it closely, that's what you find out.

What should you do then?

Easy. Save on restaurants!

Restaurants are great but not on an everyday basis. The feeling of novelty wears off pretty quickly. Keep it fresh. Plan your budget for 2 or 3 great dinners at good restaurants.

Rent a small house, a villa, a condo or a hotel room with a kitchenette and use your car to get your own food at a grocery. Do the math. I promise it won't cost you over 1 000$ for the whole family. Big savings here.

Cook your own food 'Hawaiian Style' using the BBQ. Keep leftovers for tomorrow's lunch on the road. I do it all the time!

When you feel the moment is right, book a table at one of the restaurants of your choice. No need for fancy restaurant. Just pick a spot with good reviews that looks appealing to you. Remember, this is YOUR vacations!

Get ready and enjoy your evening. I promise you will truly appreciate this special moment. And you will remember it for a long time because you made it unique instead of repetitive. That's how you get the best out of your trip... and your money!

Let Me Sum It Up For You...
  • You save money on taxis and shuttles
  • You save money on tours
  • You eat healthier
  • You embrace the 'Hawaiian Style' BBQ cooking
  • You make sure dinners at your favorite restaurants become memorable
  • Bonus: you do have a car and that means you are free to explore the wonders of the island at your own pace!
...Do I really need to add anything?

Ready to Rent Your Car?

Find how to get a Maui Cheap Car Rental here.

Or, get more specific answers to your Car Rental Questions here.

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