Honolulu Pass: Should I Buy One?

A Review of the Honolulu Powerpass and the Honolulu MealTicket Pass

Buying an Honolulu Pass is without a doubt a great way to save money during your vacation in Hawaii. Many travelers just don't know that this pass exist until they see other people using it at popular attractions, skipping the line and keeping good money in their pockets.

But there are some restrictions you need to be aware of before buying. Read on.

First, you need to know that there is not only one Honolulu Pass but two: The Honolulu Powerpass and the Honolulu MealTicket Pass. Each Pass offers specific benefits but both focus on local Oahu attractions and restaurants.

That means they are not applicable in Maui. Nevertheless, if you plan to visit Oahu on your way to Maui, like most travelers do, these passes could be just what you are looking for. They are particularly interesting if you are traveling with kids.

Here's a closer look at the benefits provided by each Honolulu pass to help you pick the right one. I wouldn't be surprised that you end up buying both passes since they complement each other so well.

Honolulu Powerpass

Maui Discounts Honolulu PowerPass Mealticket

The Honolulu Powerpass is one great money-saving solution focused on popular Oahu attractions.

What are the benefits? The Honolulu Powerpass includes admission to the top Oahu attractions, tours, sights and museums. The pass offers built-in savings on the included admissions fees and grants quick access to many attractions.

Simply present your Power Pass and enter. No need to wait and pay. For more versatility, you can choose pass's duration, up to 5 consecutive days.

This is definitively a good way to save money on Honolulu-Waikiki popular attractions like Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial, Honolulu City Bus Tour Hanauma Bay, Sea Life Park, Diamond Head and a lot more.

Click here for more details and a quick access to the Honolulu Power Pass order page.

Honolulu MealTicket Pass

The Honolulu MealTicket Pass is the perfect Honolulu Powerpass companion. While the Powerpass helps you save on Oahu popular attractions, the Honolulu MealTicket Pass helps you save on restaurants.

Honolulu MealTicket dining pass

How does it work? For one low price, you receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any of a number of popular Honolulu, Hawaii, restaurants. Simply bring your MealTicket Pass at a participating restaurant and choose from the available menu options. No need for reservations. It's awesome when traveling with kids.

The card is designed to accommodate travelers who don't want to worry about reservations or cannot commit to fixed schedules. Let's say you spent the whole day visiting attractions with the whole family (using your Honolulu Powerpass) and, suddenly, everybody's hungry. All you have to do is head to the closest participating restaurant and enjoy a meal using you Honolulu MealTicket Pass.

Nothing too fancy, but no complications. If you fit in this scenario, you should seriously consider buying both passes.

Make sure to visit the Honolulu Pass official website to find participating restaurants, see if the pass is right for you and make a final decision. Again, it all depends on your specific needs. Most families usually just love it while couples on a romantic vacation may prefer to pass.

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