Maui Haleakala Weather

Haleakala Summit Climate

The Haleakala Weather is not what we would call an average tropical climate. When you reach the summit of the 10 000 foot Haleakala Crater, you enter a totally different world.

As you gain altitude, you can feel the changes. The air is suddenly cooler. The wind blows with strength.

This is no typical beach weather. But let me tell you... You just don't care because it feels awesome to get to the top of the world!

Maui Haleakala Weather Map Microclimates Map of Maui's Microclimates - Haleakala Region

Getting to the summit early is always your best bet to increase your chances of getting a clear sky on Haleakala. Clouds tend to build up at sunrise. But the weather is constantly changing and the conditions vary between the summit and the bottom of the crater.

The solution is simple: be prepared for anything (sun, rain and wind) and hit the trails. No more over-thinking. Just do it and thank me later.

The landscape will blow your mind. It's as if you were exploring the moon... knowing a great spa and BBQ dinner await you a few miles below!

Temperature on the volcano can reach below zero (it can even snow on occasion). If you plan on staying on top for a while, to watch the gorgeous Haleakala sunrise or sunset, make sure to wear very warm clothes. It's freezing!

Let me repeat... Bring warm clothes. It's reeeeeeeally freeeeeeezing up there!

Haleakala Latest Weather Conditions and Forecast

Here are the Haleakala latest weather conditions and forecast. If the conditions don't seem too good, don't worry. The weather vary a lot locally and the forecasts are just not precise enough to give you the real picture.

Click for Haleakala National Park, Hawaii Forecast

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Haleakala. It's a once in a lifetime experience. Try to get there in the morning (before 9 am) to increase your chances of getting a clear sky.

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