Car Rental Maui Insurance

Do I Need a Car Rental Insurance?

This is a very common 'Car Rental Maui Question'.

The subject is not as complex as it may seem. But it's worth taking time answering this question as clearly as possible since a lot of people are confused...

And, on top of that, getting a clear answer may actually help you save good money!

So, lets keep it simple by splitting the answer in 4 parts.

Car Rental Maui Haleakala On the road, enjoying the beautiful Southeast Maui coastline
as the sun is slowly setting.
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1. You Need a Car Insurance to Drive a Car

It's obvious, but I guess it needs to be repeated...

Everybody needs a car insurance to drive a car in Maui.

This applies to all States, Canada, Europe and probably every developed country in the world now!

What you may not need, is an additional car insurance to cover your car rental.

Why? Read on.

2. Your Personal Car Insurance May Already Cover You

Even if the car rental agent tries to tell you so, you probably don't need an extra insurance to over the car you just rent if you already own a vehicle.

The fact is your personal car insurance may also cover your car rental. Before booking your car, call your insurance company and ask if your current insurance will cover your car rental during your entire vacations in Maui Hawaii.

The answer will probably be yes and chances are it won't cost you anything. Some companies may ask for a little extra to cover you during your vacations. Go ahead and pay. It's going to be lower than what the car rental company will ask anyways.

Ready to rent your car? Click here to get the best rates available.

3. Your Credit Card May Save You

In case you don't have a car insurance at home or your car insurance can't cover you while in vacations, than you still have one more option.

If you book your car rental with a credit card, this credit card may automatically cover your car rental with a temporary insurance.

Not all credit cards offer this benefit but it's worth checking. That being said, if your card offers a car insurance you still need to be careful.
Make sure it applies in Hawaii and verify that the coverage offered is good enough (low deductible, loss-of-use, etc.) In case of doubt, check with your insurance agent.

4. You Might Need to Get an Extra Insurance

No coverage from your personal car insurance?
No coverage form your credit card?

Then you need to get an insurance from the car rental company itself.

The cost of this car rental Maui insurance can add up very quickly (15$ to 20$ a day is not uncommon).

My advice: start looking for a car rental as soon as you have your flight tickets booked. When you've found the car that you like, make sure to check the cost for the extra insurance. This way, you won't have any bad surprises at the car rental booth.

Ready to book your car? Let's do it!

Need additional tips and advice about car rentals in Maui? Visit this page.

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